At Plantae,

we know that it is easy to get lost in the choice of natural products.

Whether for the human care (face, hair, hands & body) or for home (atmosphere, cleaning), the offer is so to find your way around ?

Yet here, unearthing the best local natural essentials couldn't be more...ENJOYABLE !

For what ?

Simply because we ONLY offer carefully selected products according to the 5 criteria Plantae Essence, below.


Superior quality

No more perpetual disappointment with ordinary products ! At Plantae, the active elements are masters of the chosen compositions.

Certain harmful products (aluminum, phenoxyethanol, paraben, methylparaben, BHT, propylparaben, ammonium, lauryl sulphate, etc.) do the exact opposite of botanical active ingredients.

This is why you will only find in our products extracts controlled in laboratory, raw materials which are of plants origin but above all which are naturally assimilated by the body.


Authentic experience

Bye bye synthesized fragrances, hello rigorously chosen natural extracts !

Although chosen for their specific benefits, the ingredients are not only useful ! Formulated in this way, the products that we present to you offer an experience that is faithful to real life.

Everything is done to evoke sensations associated with your most touching memories of well-being and vitality...

Mmmmm !


Artists from here

The original organic formulas are created from the imagination and knowledge of local artists (mostly Quebec selection, with some Canadian accents).

Rather than contributing to the success of large worldwide companies, you are an important player against the impoverishment of local artisans.

Another good reason to treat yourself...!


Earth-Human Agreement

Even more harmony and balance in our interactions with the earth and never tested on animals.

We serve humans connected to nature and who know that nature gives back to them.

It is the marvelous loop of the earth which takes care of the human which takes care of the earth, which takes care of the human...


Sensible Solutions

Flexible products that fit naturally into your individual routine...and your wallet !

Top-of-the-range, financially accessible products, is that possible ?

This is a feat that we achieve in 2 steps :
1) By creating collaborations that aim for the well-being of each party.
2) Paying special attention to ingredients for premium products that are simpler, more effective and more versatile while lasting longer. In other words, they offer better results and you have to renew them less often. Win-win !

* * * Plants * * *

Would their delicate presence have more to offer us ?

Silk : powerful in cosmetics, true or false ?
White radish and broccoli : two allies of this hair essential, what is it ?

Is your fascination with plants as great as ours ? Satisfy your curiosity with our blog : a clever mix of science, sprinkled with comical examples from everyday life.

[Finally find out if lavender really calms your anxiety or if it's..."in your head", as your friend keeps telling you !]

Plantae Shop

A simple online store of Quebec natural products ? That's not all…Welcome to Plantae : privileged access to a selection of finely chosen botanical products.

“ Where innovative care artisans and you, connoisseurs of beauty and goodness, meet. »

Stop cluttering your life with disappointing products. Proudly eliminate the superfluous from your care kit or your cupboards and make way for products that have the power to honor your daily life. Simplify your life.

The finds are yours !

In short

365 Collection

For daily care of the face, hair, hands, body and for hygiene.

Avoid getting lost in excess products, opt for a few high-performance flagships.

Discover daily care products

In short

Belle Créature Collection

Natural soaps, handmade, meeting specific needs and adapted to different skin types.

Discover specific care products

In short

Olive et Calendule Collection

High quality natural cosmetic products for babies, but also for mothers who deserve the best in terms of softness.

Discover products gently

In short

J'habite chez mon chat Collection

For the love of our animals, Plantae wanted to reserve a space for ecological cleaning products, atmosphere and comfort for the whole household and which are of no danger for your animals !

Discover maintenance and ambiance products for the home

In short

Wicca Collection - Soothing magic

Beautiful magic, white magic, through the choice of active ingredients and crystals that make up their composition, sometimes soothing, sometimes inspiring, and sometimes energizing.

Feed your mind and body.

Discover ritual products

Accessories, gift sets, etc.

To not miss anything

Of course, you can offer our boxes as a gift to that person who is so dear to you !

And if, today, this person was you ? Let yourself be seduced by our sets and various care and home accessories while discovering the entire Plantae offer.

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Mastering every detail of every product is essential to us.

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