Aujourd'hui, je porte la mandarine !

Today I wear mandarin !

  Why use mandarin essential oil in a body cream ? That's the question we'll answer this week on our blog. First of all, what you nee...

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Du beurre...dans les cheveux ?! the hair ?!

When I think of the word butter, it's rare that my brain immediately associates it with use in hair care...and yet ! A treat for the taste...

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Tournesol, véritable huile beauté !

Sunflower, real beauty oil !

Of Amerindian origin and brought back to Europe towards the end of the 16th century, this plant was particularly appreciated by the Amerindians who...

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De la mousse, toujours plus de mousse !

Foam, always more foam !

And the skin it! Sodium C14-16 Olefin Sulfonate not only works well, but being derived from coconut, it comes without the negative effects associat...

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B, agent Bergamote !

B, agent Bergamot !

Instinctively when we think of the word "citrus", our imagination does not cast a wide net and is often limited to oranges, lemon, lime a...

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