In the fall, never without my macerate !

The cold season inevitably rhymes with comfort, and we generally find its height with everything that is particularly expressive, gourmet, spicy and / or sweet, whether with ambience products, or body products at the enveloping scent for the pleasure of our nostrils, or even by lip treatments with the pleasure that follows for our taste buds !

Among the many ways to make a product very expressive, one of the categories of products that want to be comforting by their very present expression is that of products made with plant macerates. It seems that suddenly, they put on the 3 in 1 wrapper, either because of the benefits of the active ingredients extracted which inevitably lead to an olfactory happiness and, for some, a gustatory pleasure ! To name just one among the lot of our products with plant extracts, a perfect match for the fall when we find a macerate of plants in our lip balms 365 with local beeswax from Portneuf.

Well, we admit, in terms of sound, this is not a word that seems brilliant to us and that inspires any pleasure to delight in ! In the collective imagination, something that macerates is rarely associated with pretty colors and good smells ! But you just have to discover the world of macerates to understand that it is the quintessence of comforting pleasure, but also the ultimate in benefits for the skin !

According to Magazeen by greenweez1, a renowned online organic magazine, in concrete terms, it is a technique for extracting part of the active ingredients from a plant, simply by "infusing" it in an oil. This technique consists in extracting the liposoluble properties (soluble in oils, fats) of a plant, and thus the oil behaves as a solvent and becomes the carrier of the active properties of the plant. In addition, two maceration methods exist: hot maceration and cold maceration, but a large majority favors cold maceration because it preserves the active ingredients of the plant.

Thus, a multitude of benefits are revealed to us, offering an impressive range from revitalizing to regenerating or even protective and fortifying properties, and more ! You are now experts in plant extracts, so have fun browsing our ingredients and spotting the many plant extracts that Jardins Phlox use in its products.

So, what will you put in your cocooning box to reconnect once again with the beautiful season ?




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