Today I wear mandarin !


Why use mandarin essential oil in a body cream ? That's the question we'll answer this week on our blog. First of all, what you need to know about this pretty fruit, which is well prized in winter, is that it is a citrus fruit that is said to be nearly 3000 years old. Originally from East Asia and integrated into Europe in the 19th century, this colorful citrus fruit has proven itself and its vast portfolio of benefits both inside and out.

A sweet fragrance reminiscent of its very present action !

Mandarin essential oil is obtained by distilling its zest (whole, peel and white flesh), and it is important to specify that the one used by Jardins Phlox is without furocoumarins, which means that it is non-photosensitizing. Do not run into the trash to collect the zest of your mandarins, we have taken care of concocting you a body cream exceptionally rich in botanical active ingredients of high cosmetic quality, and so hydrating, with the natural scent of mandarin as a bonus. Yummm !

Speaking of action, it is among other things its richness in vitamin C that would make this citrus fruit, one that would offer toning and draining virtues, thus helping to fight against wrinkles, signs of aging of the skin and stretch marks. It is therefore popular with dry skin and even acne prone as it would promote the normal formation of collagen in the skin.

More precisely, it would be the bitter white skin between the zest and the fruit which would be particularly rich in antioxidants which would therefore help protect the skin against free radicals on a daily basis.

Placebo or truth ?

Mandarin essential oil would be recognized as an interesting tranquilizer used to soothe stress and anxiety. Relaxing in particular because of its sweet fruity and floral scent, this essential oil would help promote restful sleep. What more could you ask for than wearing it on a daily basis everywhere on the body and hands to enjoy the benefits that its smell would represent for our brain.


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