Ave Laurus Nobilis !

Laurus nobilis, laurus nobilate, noble laurel, laurel, and many other names for this apparently very ordinary leaf, green like all the others in the end, but which nevertheless arouses interest since Rome and ancient Greece and would be synonymous with glory and immortality...without forgetting its unsuspected power...to protect against lightning ! Never mind, let's stick to its recognized tangible virtues on the health of the skin ! Also, we will review the study on volunteer candidates that we recently held in connection with our Mephisto soap, in particular formulated with laurus nobilate, in order to measure the effectiveness of our specific care soap on people with difficult and rebellious skin !

Laurel 101

Even used in very small doses, its effectiveness acts like a real wave that carries as far as the echo. Laurel contains about 3% of vegetable essence, that is to say of pure essential oil. The isoquinoleic alkaloids it contains are particularly popular in pharmacology to meet a variety of needs. In addition, the sesquiterpene lactones known for their anti-inflammatory properties. This is where it becomes more and more interesting as bay oil, when used in cosmetics, is recognized for its analgesic, antiseptic, and bactericidal properties. It is known to be expectorant and fungicidal (against fungi), thus promoting the relief of certain fungal infections (skin infections / inflammations).

Among the myths and information that may circulate, or should we rather appeal to the secrets of grandmothers' remedies, laurel oil would have virtues for the comfort of people living with cancer. Then, bay leaf oil promotes better lymphatic circulation and soothes varicose ulcers.

Let's zoom in even more on the laurel !

Laurel oil helps soften the skin in addition to providing a protective barrier against dryness. It is recommended for dry, atypical skin, and for problems such as acne, psoriasis, eczema, rosacea, blackheads, ulcers, etc. It would be known to be purifying, astringent and disinfectant and its skin regenerating and antioxidant properties would allow it to act on the following dermatological conditions: abscess, hair loss or oily hair, boils, mycosis, whitlow, psoriasis, bedsores, acne, etc.

* Laurel oil may not be suitable for some people and it is essential to read the contraindications for the use of products containing bay oil. You should always consult a healthcare professional who will be able to give you the best advice on the treatments necessary for your condition and on the products suitable for your skin and your condition.

A bit like lavender...!

On the olfactory level, it is a bit like in the case of lavender angustifolia which we refer to in one of our previous articles as we use it in one of our Tout Lavande deodorant and one of our Tout Lavande soap ! Its virtues are unequivocal when applied externally, but the stimuli that it causes in the brain when inhaling it would affect the quality of sleep and the management of anxiety because of its sedative properties. Myths or realities, few studies show it seems, but some studies have shown that everything is played out by the stimuli generated by inhaling it. Rather simple and interesting when we know that we can smell a soap or a deodorant that follows us all day to promote calm!

Results of our study with volunteer candidates !

Here are the results of the performance test of our Mephisto soap several weeks ago where we called on several volunteer candidates from various regions with difficult skin conditions (acne, psoriasis, eczema, ulcers, ingrown hairs, rosacea, etc.).

Our candidates had different skin types: dry (20%), fragile and reactive (40%) or afflicted with a condition that could be medical (40%). Among the candidates with a skin afflicted with a medical condition, we found mainly eczema (33.3%), psoriasis (33.3%), then rosacea (33.3%).

Among the candidates with a medical condition, 40% were taking drugs, 60% of which were prescribed by a health professional, namely cortisone, and spent an average of $ 30 or more monthly for the products prescribed, excluding creams and personal hygiene products.

Mephisto soap retails for $ 23 with an average usage time of 3 weeks. Now what about the results? Following a trial period varying between 1 week and 30 days, at the rate of at least once a day on the body and / or the face, 80% of the candidates observed an improvement varying between 25% and 80% and more about the condition of their skin.

When we asked applicants if they would buy any future products from the Mephisto collection for difficult and rebellious skin, 100% said yes, after noticing a more radiant complexion, less noticeable rosacea, less dry and less irritated skin, decreased eczema, disappearance of ulcers and ingrown hairs, increased hydration on the most affected areas, then disappearance of itching related to their condition for the majority. The test was inconclusive on only one candidate.

So, will you dare the bay leaf elsewhere than in the spaghetti sauce ?


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