B, agent Bergamot !

Instinctively when we think of the word "citrus", our imagination does not cast a wide net and is often limited to oranges, lemon, lime and grapefruit, more common and cheerfully used in cooking ! Yes, but what about the many other citrus fruits that represent a significant bonus for our skin, such as this week's star, bergamot, which is found in essential oil form in our 365 illuminating face serum from Jardins Phlox.

Fruit of the bergamot tree, tree of the Rutaceae family, this fruit now mainly cultivated in Italy undoubtedly draws its magnetism from the Calabrian coast, along the Ionian Sea and the Tyrrhenian Sea, both evoking a certain energizing sensuality. As the sea winds brush against its shell, we could almost feel this very typical and discreet touch of acidity vivifying our soul and spirit. It's sweet, it's spicy...!

What about the oil from its bark ?

Suitable for all skin types and in particular combination and oily skin, bergamot oil has even more to please acne-prone skin (acne, psoriasis, eczema, etc.). We would actually lend it purifying, astringent and refreshing virtues, thus acting as a sebum-regulating and mattifying oil for the skin, while promoting a remarkable softness.

Furocou...what ?

Furocoumarins are photosensitizing molecules that are present in some essential oils, which becomes problematic when added to cosmetic products like facials. This is why Jardins Phlox only uses essential oils without furocoumarins in order to enjoy the benefits of bergamot essential oil with peace of mind even when the skin is exposed to the sun.

Did you know that ?

We recognize in the essential oil of bergamot, properties to intervene in the depigmentation of the skin and pigment spots (brown spots) in order to reduce them.

According to a running legend, it is said that on a full moon night, bergamot makes us see the place where fairies are born. One thing is certain, with our serum, it allows you to see all the radiance of your eyes !

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