It is that age revolts at all ages against age !

How can a vial and its serum become the ultimate allies in slowing premature skin aging and in the fight against environmental pollution ? Everything goes well beyond the vial, because no one should lose sight of the fact that the habit does not make the monk ! Behind the white purity of our vial, there is just as much purity for your skin, and especially for those who are in search of the "anti-aging" secret !


“From age to age we only change the madness.”

- Pierre Claude Nivelle of La Chaussée


Whether it's before or during menopause and andropause and all the pleasurable hormonal changes, there's the assurance that your skin will never blame you for taking care of it with the very best in terms. high-end natural !

It's like an open secret, menopause and andropause play a role in skin aging. These hormonal changes generate a loss of collagen with each passing year. As we age, the skin becomes thinner and thinner and gradually loses its reserves of collagen and elastin, directly involved in the firmness of the skin. To make matters worse, the production of sebum also decreases, which leads to dryness of the skin. HYDRATION ALERT PLEASE !

No, don't run for handkerchiefs, no more wasting tears! Instead, let's go with the essential ingredients selected by Anne from Jardins Phlox to remedy the deficiencies of elements ensuring firmness, elasticity, and hydration !

Rosehip oil

Anti-aging, healing, firming, restorative, rosehip oil comes from a particular species of rose that grows in South America. This is the scent that will captivate, with the damask rose, your sense of smell with each opening of the vial of serum. In addition to fatty acids, and particularly linoleic acid, rosehip essential oil is rich in vitamin A (carotenoids) and vitamin C. Its polyunsaturated fatty acids and vitamins make rosehip oil the ''must'' of anti-aging. Rosehip oil has a powerful power to regenerate cells, also reducing stretch marks and scars, as well as dark spots. Having the particularity of not leaving a greasy feeling after application, it is essential for our serum for the rushed morning routine, as well as the most relaxing evening.

Damask rose extract

Soothing, regenerating, revitalizing, healing, firming, it is said that the essential oil of Damask Rose is one of the most expensive and the most precious, as it takes more than 4 tons of petals to obtain a kilo of essential oil. Its extract is therefore full of powerful properties resulting from countless hydrodistilled petals. Damask rose is said to contain more than three hundred different compounds that contribute not only to slowing down premature skin aging, but also to purify the complexion, soothe irritated skin and reduce the signs of aging (wrinkles, fine lines). It has everything to please dry or flaky skin.

Ceramide 3

Ceramides are essential to ensure a strong and healthy skin barrier. Ceramides are oils naturally present in the skin and are essential in maintaining a strong structure of the skin barrier. Plant-based, the ceramides 3 in our serum also help provide healthy hydration to the skin. The lack of ceramides results in dryness of the skin, leading to possible irritation and itching. As we age, we produce less naturally, so why not leave it to the serum that does all the work while you go about your day ! Ceramides are, to put it mildly, the "glue" that holds the surface cells of our skin together. They help provide a healthier skin barrier, thus leaving the skin smooth and glowing. They help support the skin to maintain natural collagen, elastin, and structural proteins for younger looking skin. Environmental pollution causes a breakdown of the skin's natural ceramides, causing moisture loss and allowing irritants to easily penetrate the skin. Ceramides help increase hydration and strengthen the skin's protective barrier. Properly dosed, they make our serum the ideal ally for the skin in its fight against environmental pollution.

Vegetable squalane

Due to its biomimetic structure, i.e. similar to the composition of the hydrolipidic film on the surface of the skin, squalane exhibits excellent affinity with the skin and hair. It thus makes it possible to restore the cutaneous lipid barrier. It is also a good emollient which softens and softens the skin. It is also an indirect moisturizer that protects the skin from dehydration and thus keeps it feeling soft and smooth.


Recognized to be a rare and particularly expensive oil, Italian Helichrysum or Immortelle leaves no chance for spoilers such as wrinkles, acne, rosacea, varicose veins, cellulite, or stretch marks ! It lives up to its name and makes it feel good to the skin, as if it were transferring its '' immortality '' to it by providing purity and regeneration to the skin. It is even said to be known to intervene in the reduction of bruising, edema, and inflammation resulting from physical trauma. Although his gifts seem infinite, all the attention is turned to his undeniable contribution to our serum which will thus offer the skin a real passage into the fountain of youth !

To Obelix his cauldron of magic potion, to your face, THE SERUM ! Take advantage of our more than favorable permanent promotion to find our serum in trio with the mild foaming cleanser with aloe, marshmallow & papaya, as well as our eye cream with rose, pomegranate & coffee !


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