Coffee with cream, or cream with coffee ? Small molecule for the care of your skin !

This week on the blog, we are interested in the presence of caffeine in our La Douce body cream. We know its vasoconstrictive benefits in our rose, pomegranate & coffee eye cream as well as its impurity liberating effect in our exfoliating coffee hand soap, but what about when used regularly as a body cream ?

Our good friend coffee, in numbers !

According to the newspaper Le Soleil, Sixty-four percent of Canadians drink coffee daily and consume, on average, 152 liters per year, which ranks the country third, per capita, in this regard in the world, after Finland and the Netherlands. Knowing more about its benefits for the skin is certainly something to interest more than one among this lot !

Its many contributions in a body cream

The main active ingredients in coffee are caffeine as well as several antioxidants (polyphenols). According to the magazine Clin d'oeil, when integrated into a body cream or exfoliant, caffeine stimulates blood circulation, tones the epidermis and fights against water retention, and when used on a daily basis, caffeine is even believed to have anti-inflammatory effects (cellulite and heavy legs).

Its high efficiency is attributed in particular to the small size of the caffeine molecule which allows it to better pass the skin barrier and penetrate the dermis in order to act on the subcutaneous fat cells.

What about sunny days ?

Caffeine is said to help protect skin cells from UV rays. It would help to slow down the photo-aging process caused by many exposures to the sun. And besides, the mandarin peel oil used in our body cream is furocoumarin free, therefore not photosensitizing.

Hello radiant, toned and smooth skin !

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