Coconut and castor oil, hand in hand !

Knowing how to read labels well has obviously become a keen interest in everyday life when running a natural cosmetics store, and just as I like to understand what is in the products on my store, I like being able to share this knowledge with you to better understand the benefits and origins of the ingredients that make up our products. This week, and as the care of our hands is topical with the winter cold and COVID-19, let's talk about the ‘’ what ’and’ why ’of Capryloyl Glycerin / sebacic Acid Copolymer in our restorative and protective hand cream from J'habite chez mon chat.

Capryloyl Glycerin / Sebacic Acid Copolymer what ?

100% natural compound containing plant materials of sustainable origin, Capryloyl Glycerin / sebacic Acid Copolymer contains no solvents or petrochemicals, green chemistry at its best ! A natural substitute for silicones used in many formulations of cosmetic products, this ingredient is obtained from coconut oil and castor oil.

Why ?

It is used in such products since it acts as a film forming agent. That is to say ? It is one of those ingredients which ensure constant hydration by a continuous film on the skin and nails, without however providing a feeling of greasy. It would help retain moisture in the skin, and therefore is intended to be rather useful, not to say essential for the most capricious dry skin.

Biodegradable and not representing a danger for the environment, this ingredient would help maintain the skin in good condition while providing protection, repair and hydration in addition to helping to strengthen the nails.

An ingredient as long as an arm, for the happiness of your hands to the tips of your fingers !


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