Butter...in the hair ?!

When I think of the word butter, it's rare that my brain immediately associates it with use in hair care...and yet ! A treat for the taste buds as well as for the hair and the skin, mango is surprising when you look at the butter which is extracted from it.

A little history !

The mango tree is one of the oldest cultivated fruit trees, said to have been for over 4,000 years. Originally from the forests of India where it would be considered the king of fruits, it was introduced into Africa and Portugal from the 16th century. This tree can grow up to 40 meters high. Very much adored for its colorful, juicy, sweet and slightly tart fruits, behind this plant lies a spiritual value associated with a symbol of good luck, love and fortune (1).

Mango and butter, but how ?

Its kernel is composed of an almond, the latter is cold pressed in order to obtain a butter that is particularly popular in a multitude of products in the cosmetics world. Its core is said to be particularly rich in fatty acids but also in sterols and polyphenols, giving it anti-oxidant properties but also emollient and protective for various uses.

What about the hair ?

Everything would be based on the emollient property of mango butter which would repair and soften the hair fiber. It would thus protect and strengthen the hair, while providing shine and shine. Composed of 100% natural active ingredients, it can only be perfectly suited to hair care. Moreover, because of its richness in iso-stearic acid (2), derived from vegetable oil, mango butter is said to be a gentle cleanser and natural foaming agent that is non-irritating or drying, and therefore ideal for sensitive skin.

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