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This week on the blog, when we say ''Peau Nouvelle'' when talking about our resurfacing gel, what is it all about ? Let's turn the spotlight on the what, why and how to better understand the usefulness of our 104 resurfacing gel and how to include it in a weekly skincare routine.


By definition, the resurfacing gel, which is a peel, aims to "exfoliate" by eliminating dead cells. It is a treatment very concentrated in fruit acids which cleanses and eliminates one or more superficial layers of the skin of the face. This type of treatment is known to stimulate the production of collagen, facilitate the regeneration of the epidermis, while reducing or eliminating the appearance of certain imperfections such as fine lines, large pores, dark spots and acne marks.

In the form of a concentrated gel of hyaluronic acid and botanical extracts, our resurfacing gel 104 concentrates AHAs and BHAs for a unique and effective peel.

- It exfoliates gently and deeply

- It promotes cell renewal

- It transforms dull skin into radiant and glowing skin in minutes


Let's just say that it benefits from being included in a facial care routine in order to perfect the complexion and the surface of the skin. Following the cleansing step, it prepares the skin to better accommodate the active ingredients of the following treatments for maximum efficiency and visible results. Whether it is dilated pores, fine lines, small pimples and blackheads, spots and marks that you want to reduce, the resurfacing gel undeniably becomes a beauty ally of choice to find flawless skin. The biggest secret of the ''why'' lies in its 3 key ingredients :

Hyaluronic acid / It would help improve the hydration and firmness of the skin, especially since it would promote healing and reconstruction of skin tissue following an injury.

Fruit Acid Complex / This complex of fruit acids contains natural alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) and is known to promote a smoother, brighter complexion with a diminished appearance of unwanted wrinkles. This product is able to improve hydration while simultaneously increasing the production of structural components, such as collagen and glycosaminoglycan, as well as reversing skin atrophy. Objective, reveal a rejuvenated complexion !

White Willow Bark / Source of BHA, promotes cell renewal and is recognized as an anti microbial and anti inflammatory. It promotes healthy skin.


On cleansed skin, place the equivalent of a large pea of resurfacing gel in your hand. Then apply all over the face on each area of the face while avoiding the eyes and lips area.

Women :

Since women have thinner skin by nature, we recommend a shorter application time than for men, from 30 seconds to 2 minutes depending on the fragility of your skin.

Men :

Leave on for 1 to 4 minutes maximum.

In both cases, man or woman, rinse well with cold or lukewarm water.

For more sensitive skin, an action of 30 seconds to 1 minute will be enough.

As it is a peel composed of concentrated botanical active ingredients, it is normal to observe redness resulting from the action of the resurfacing gel. This redness will fade after a short while.

Finish your face care routine by applying our tonic lotion then our La Fraîche cream or our face serum and maintain your shine on a daily basis with our gentle foaming cleanser.

*It is not recommended to use a peel if you suffer from rosacea, eczema or psoriasis. And since a peel makes the skin more sensitive, it is ideal to protect it from the sun and UV rays with a sunscreen with a high SPF.

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