Green light to nature please !

And if metaphorically speaking, you were told that each of the pores in your body are like billions of little mouths that you feed, voluntarily and with a certain pleasure and worse still, in all good conscience, but however without knowing too much what is going on in their "beauty plate" ?

In this article, we follow the viewing of a report produced by a group of European researchers and scientists who raise the turning point that society should take towards the natural, and avoid the industrialist who goes blindly from an overload of products chemicals yet appearing among the worst endocrine disruptors, more often than not, selected to reduce production costs and boost profits ! Even worse ? Some companies continue to add banned chemicals without any embarrassment or by hiding them under other names or by not displaying them on the list of ingredients, one will guess it, because it would be very frustrating to have to redo a formulation. and fear that they will no longer be as efficient...! We explain...!


''Hormones respond to very low doses! The dose doesn't make the poison!''

- Professor Charles Sultan, Head of the pediatric endocrinology unit of CHU MONTPELLIER


In Europe alone, more than 140,000 chemicals are known and listed, including 6,000 to 10,000 only for the cosmetics industry ! And meanwhile, in many natural cosmetic products, we find ingredients that are as much if not more effective, sometimes composed of only 3 ingredients...natural ! It is sometimes by always wanting the easiest solution that we harm ourselves the most ! As far back as I can remember, I still hear my mom tell me that "good and fast don't go together !" So far she's always been right, after all she's a mom (she'll love to read these lines) !


‘’And we only triumph over nature by obeying it.’’ 

- Francis Bacon


Endocrine disruptors, the sinews of war !

Human skin is not an insurmountable frontier and it should become a priority to know how to make the right choices, just as we choose to make healthy choices regarding our diet and our active / sporting lifestyle to feel much better about ourselves. These chemicals found in industrial cosmetic products are overflowing with endocrine disruptors !

What is an endocrine disruptor ? Endocrine disruptors are active chemicals that enter the body through the skin, take the place of hormones and cause imbalances. What you should know is that the skin is the largest and heaviest organ in the human body, on average 3 kg in women and 5 kg in men! It is a natural barrier which prevents the skin from becoming dehydrated, and which prevents exposure to all environmental pollutants !

The theoretical minute !

Everyone should be able to know and understand what endocrine disruptors are, what are their names, and most importantly, what are their effects...! There are 3 routes of entry of toxins into the body : by ingestion, by inhalation, and through the skin. When it comes to the cutaneous route, certain chemicals found in cosmetic products have the ability to dissolve in fat and in the water that passes through the different layers of the skin.

Result ? These substances are found in the body, in our blood, urine, breast milk, etc. The endocrine system is made up of glands that secrete hormones. They become messengers, carriers of information, ensuring the regulation of the organism and the harmony of its development. On the other hand, certain chemicals mimic the behavior of hormones, and lodge in hormone receptors and scramble information, which leads to several imbalances such as infertility, genital malformations, precocious puberty, cancer, etc.

* &?% $ # @! @ # $%?

Aluminum, phenoxyethanol, paraben, methylparaben, BHT, propylparaben, ammonium, lauryl sulfate, etc., all endocrine disruptors which do the opposite of natural botanical active ingredients, laboratory-controlled extracts or raw materials, which are of origin plant but above all which are naturally supported and assimilated by the body and contribute to its healthy development.

Choosing natural cosmetic products is above all choosing local purchase, encouraging Quebec artisan intelligence, but above all it is cultivating skincare and recognizing the solution behind each of the products designed, and choosing healthy health in all trust, because after all, we come from nature itself...!

Without stopping to look at the price, which is secondary, pay particular attention to the ingredients for products of choice, quality, and which last over time for a good return on investment !


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Beauty escapes passing fashions !

- Robert Doisneau