Rosemary hydrosol, dandruff-nator !

This week on the blog, although aromatic and especially known to enhance your dishes or drinks, rosemary, more precisely in the form of a hydrosol in this case, is intended to be a purifying and regulating active for skin with imperfections, but also useful in preventing dandruff and hair loss. Here, let's call it, dandruff-nator !

How do you get a hydrosol ?

Floral water or hydrosol, it's the same thing. It is a liquid treatment obtained by the distillation of leaves / plants / flowers with water vapor. Floral waters are much less concentrated and are said to be suitable for all profiles, even pregnant women and children. A hydrosol is obtained during the process of extracting an essential oil, and is extracted at the end of the process, in the fourth tank (decanter) where the essential oil, lighter than water, detaches and is filtered to leave only the hydrosol. Hydrosol is much less fragrant and concentrated than essential oil, but that said, it is loaded with water-soluble molecules that your skin and scalp are eager to enjoy.

The benefits of rosemary hydrosol !

Its portfolio is vast, whether it is helping to protect and improve the condition of hair exposed daily to the sun, wind and pollution, or to rebalance oily and acne-prone skin by helping to bring impurities to the surface to unclog the pores. But again, let's concretely enumerate its various fields of intervention and varied benefits at the level of the hair :

1. Helps fight against hair loss by making the hair stronger.

2. Soothes irritated scalps and helps fight dandruff due to its toning and purifying properties.

3. Stimulates and promotes hair growth.

4. Promotes the prevention of the premature appearance of gray hair.

5. Softens the hair in addition to giving it shine.

Find all the benefits of rosemary hydrosol in our conditioner / mask formulated with rosemary hydrosol, broccoli oil, mint and many other high cosmetic quality botanical actives !

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