Ivy with your coffee ?

Green and roasting go hand in hand with high-performance cosmetics ! It is well known, it does not really need any introduction, the coffee is the witness of many rushed mornings...or sometimes more in slow motion, from the first light of the day showing in the morning cup up to natural cosmetics containing caffeine. Well featured in our new tightening and firming body scrub, however, it relies on the more than interesting presence of ivy extract, let's discover why it contributes to form effective treatments with visible results.

The age of Ivy !

A hardy plant that goes unnoticed and is as common as the nettle that runs along our roads, ivy can grow 30 to 45 centimeters each year, and its twigs can measure up to 20 meters. Ammunition, for more visible happiness !

In ancient Greece, the Greeks used to make a drink, made from a mixture of wine and macerated ivy leaves, in order to protect themselves from poisoning. Later, in Europe, it was discovered that ivy had febrifuge (fight fever), purgative, sudorific and deworming properties. It was therefore attributed many more benefits than today...or at least until its forgotten potential resurfaces !

Centuries later, what part are we interested in ?

In herbal medicine, the leaves are the parts used since they contain an active saponin known as hederin which is well known for its stimulating and detoxifying properties. Ivy thus helps to naturally lift, firm, and smooth cellulite and skin laxity. It is therefore ideal for revitalizing the appearance and texture of the skin.

Combined with caffeine which is composed of powerful polyphenols, helping to improve circulation, reducing water retention in the tissues resulting in inducing a slimming effect on engorged areas, ivy therefore becomes the active not to be neglected to obtain, in the end, interesting results, such as a satiny touch, and a sweet comforting smell of coffee.

So will you be the coffee-in-the-cup type, or in the shower...or both ?

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