Love is first of all madly loving the smell of the other !

The development of cosmetic products is based, among other things, on the ability to generate a favorable response by human skin, in particular through formulations with a pH that is close to that of human skin. As nature has shaped us, it would only be natural to give it the utmost care and trust, right ? Our natural deodorants perform just as much, if not more, than common deodorants, but with a significant bonus, that of containing no chemicals, in addition to in no way altering the potency and effectiveness of the product ! 

Here is the demystification on the ingredients of our natural deodorant. The choice of a natural deodorant is all the more important as it is applied in a very sensitive physiological area because there are permanently housed lymph nodes*. Effective and this, without an oily base that stains and without baking soda that irritates, we really set ourselves the goal of formulating an effective natural deodorant, with an impeccable dry glide and above all UNFAILIBLE in the work he has to do…! 

Already put to the test on several customers, the natural deodorants of Les Jardins Phlox have made their mark and collected stars ! Now if we were to flaunt the reasons why these stylishly concealed deodorants in a compostable container are so loved and trusted !



“The smell is the intelligence of flowers.”

- Henry de Montherlant



First and foremost, our deodorants are formulated without baking soda, aluminum, and oil. Nor should we sound the alarm and run away from these ingredients like a nuclear bomb, but nevertheless, we must know how to offer our body elements of plant origin that will not disturb its balance. Being made of an aqueous (transparent stick) rather than an oily base, our deodorants ensure that clothing does not stain. Then, the skin having a pH oscillating around 4.5, it must rub against components which present approximately the same level of pH, or, the baking soda having a pH of approximately 8, then becoming the ingredient to be avoided at all costs, especially since the skin of the armpits is very sensitive and thin. This is already a good base ! You say to me, ''But, if you take away those ingredients that are found in all the other deodorants on the shelves, how can you believe that your deodorants perform so well?”.

The answer is simple ! Apart from the balanced and balancing base of our deodorants, everything relies on the natural molecules that we select to tackle the many smelly substances produced by the human body.

First, the Saccharomyces Ferment ! It is a yeast with a pH between 3 and 5, and promotes increased cellular respiration and cellular metabolism. The smell of ''swing'' is actually the production of protein that is a bio-protective response to many factors other than heat alone. Saccharomyces Ferment then comes into play ! It stabilizes cell membranes, and facilitates the transport of proteins, thus becoming an integral part of the cell repair system. When cells are under stress, Saccharomyces Ferment activates to mimic functions that are deactivated by the stressor or to protect the cell against additional stress. In short, it acts like the stabilizer wheels on a children's bicycle. The balance threatened by the stress of the child is thus ensured by the wheels which intervene when necessary. Outside of these moments, they are discreet.

Then the Propanediol ! We are not talking about an unknown strain of extraterrestrials, but a molecule made from corn. Of plant origin, it replaces propylene glycol, a petroleum product commonly used as a solvent in common deodorants. The advantages of Propanediol include in particular its purity, its durable and renewable aspect, its absence of skin irritation and sensitization and its respect for the environment being plant-based. In addition to generating no skin irritation or sensitization, Propanediol promotes optimal viscosity in order to provide a feeling of softness that lasts beyond the moment of application, without feeling that the armpits are too wet.

Finally, Ethylhexylglycerin ! This is not the thematic name for a rave night, but rather a plant-based ingredient that acts as a soft, emollient humectant. It is used to improve skin sensation in various cosmetic products. It reliably inhibits the growth and multiplication of odor-causing bacteria, while not affecting the skin flora. It also acts as a natural preservative.

All of these ingredients together paint a portrait of a formulation that puts odor-inducing substances to the test, no matter how hard everyday life can bring ! Now, will you dare to trust natural deodorants ? I have been sporting by nature since my childhood. 3 years of karate, 9 years of soccer, 13 years of swimming, 5 years of dance, and now 17 years of gym, and so on. Sweating could not be more present in my life, and without being biased, I must admit that I have never found as much effectiveness as in the natural deodorants of Jardins Phlox, with the added bonus, the assurance of not exposing my skin sensitive to irritating ingredients.

Les Jardins Phlox natural deodorants are available exclusively on in 4 choices of fragrances. They have been developed so that they can be combined as a duo with soaps made with the same fragrances.


* This article contains general information only. You should always consult a healthcare professional who will be able to advise you on the best treatments for your condition and on products suitable for your skin and condition if necessary.

* Lymph nodes are small masses of lymphatic tissue that line the lymphatic vessels. They store lymphocytes and filter waste, bacteria and damaged cells, including cancer cells, from the lymph. The presence of aluminum salts as well as certain preservatives, which are often found in traditional deodorant formulas, would disrupt the body's detoxification system, going so far as to strongly suspect them of promoting the development of certain hormone dependent cancers like breast cancer.

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