In the fall season, exfoliation is the base !

Why settle for a simple exfoliator when Jardins Phlox ZEEEEE sugar exfoliator formula, 3 more?! Just as a roaster will constantly search for the ideal roast to extract the maximum flavor from a coffee bean, Anne constantly searches for the best combination of botanical active ingredients for maximum results on your skin during harsh seasons and also for a feeling. of sexyness unwavering. This week on the blog, exfoliation and approaching fall days (I know, it's shocking, but it's inevitable, and in the end, who doesn't like cocooning? Nobody!).

Spring cleaning is what exfoliation is to the transition to cooler seasons

Drop in temperatures and loss of brightness: there is no doubt, the change of season attacks our skin! According Elle Quebec, autumn is a rather difficult course for our skin. Why ? Mainly for two reasons. 1) All summer long, the skin bears the brunt of repeated sunbathing, humidity and oppressive heat. Result: when autumn arrives, dead cells multiply, and our skin looks dull. It is the fault of keratinization, this process by which the skin defends itself from UV rays by thickening. 2) The change of season, accompanied by a drop in temperature and a loss of luminosity, causes a disruption of the cutaneous barrier and, in the process, the drying of the upper layer of the epidermis. The skin therefore begins to pull, itch and peel. And incidentally, in the fall, cold, wind, electric heating, even fireplaces reduce the humidity of the air, which greatly affects the quality of the skin.

The watchword: effective cleansing, gentle exfoliation and hydration

As cell renewal tends to be slowed down in the fall, it needs to be given a boost and a breath of fresh air! By setting the stage with effective cleansing, exfoliating on a regular basis 1-2 times per week will further support the cell regeneration process by providing purified, breathable pores that are ready to be regularly hydrated by absorbing more easily and in depth the active ingredients of your products in your skincare routine.

Since your skin is drier in the fall and winter, it is important not to dry it out further. It is therefore necessary to favor a gentle exfoliant, containing at least one moisturizing active ingredient. Jardins Phlox presents 3 of them, each responding to different needs, but all offering a hydration response and a predisposition to promote cell regeneration.

Discover here their respective strengths and find your perfect match

1. Moisturizing and soothing exfoliant with capsaicin-based peptide

2. Moisturizing and regenerating exfoliant with pomegranate

3. Tightening and firming exfoliant with ivy, orange polyphenols and caffeine

Above all, that's not all...!

Taking good care of your body is one thing, but eating well to look good is just as important, if not more! We couldn't have said it better than Sky Spa which praises the minimum good practices to undertake and now during the harsher seasons of autumn and winter:

A healthy diet is the basis for regaining energy and having beautiful, healthy skin. So here are some tips for adjusting your fall diet to maximize the overall health of your body and skin.

– Water infused with lemon, ginger and honey to stimulate the immune system. Staying hydrated is crucial.

– Favor foods rich in zinc (roasted pumpkin seeds, lentils, calf’s liver, oysters)

– Eat lots of vegetables and fruits for their antioxidant properties (avocado, oranges, artichokes, broccoli, tomatoes, seasonal fruits)

– Oily fish and nuts to fill up on omega

It's still summer, but admit that autumn will be superb with all these tips!

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