The desert is beautiful, don't lie, it's clean !

Is it possible to combine environmental protection and power ? YES, even more than ever ! It is probably part of the mores of our era to rather firmly believe on the contrary, yet advances increasingly show that in the end, we can only triumph over nature by obeying it. Let us respect her and in exchange, she will offer us with open arms, precious extracts nestled in the depths of the molecules constituting it. Results, power…and health as a bonus !


‘‘A clean tie inevitably attracts food’’

- Murphy's Law


If we take care of our body to offer it all the protections necessary to face the polluting or harmful factors affecting its radiance, shouldn't we naturally think about taking care of our little nest as much ? The very one where we evolve, and where our next generations evolve, sometimes young and vulnerable, sometimes mature, healthy and wise. In addition to the facial and body treatments offered in our Belle Créature and 365 collections, J’Habite chez mon chat, is more for the beauty and health treatment of the house, while not posing any danger to animals. It's getting interesting, isn't it ? Let’s explore the intelligence behind these Jardins Phlox products.

First, the floor soap ! From the top of its 3 ingredients…! What ? 3 ingredients ? Yes yes and yes, this is an excellent cleaner, degreaser and stain remover throughout the house. It is composed of saponified oils of coconut, organic flax and an extract of orange peel (D-limonene) which constitutes an excellent degreaser which deliciously perfumes the household while being a formidably effective cleaner. It is ideal for deeply nourishing and protecting all modern and old soils. Pure or diluted, this liquid soap is also suitable for walls, bathrooms, stoves, hoods, ovens, and ceramics. It is versatile for all surfaces, from the formidable kitchen to the rebellious bathroom, including living room furniture. It is also used for washing dishes, cleaning and shining silverware, cleaning windows, cleaning and treating your leather armchairs / chairs, removing certain grease and paint stains from your clothes, cleaning the interior and the interior. exterior of the car, and more.

How ? Simply by diluting it in a spray bottle for multi-purpose functions (about 1/2 tablespoon in 500 ml of water), or otherwise 1 tablespoon in 2L of water or 2 tablespoons in 5L of water for bigger tasks ! 

Then, the odor hunter ! Everything is essentially based on the work of a molecule...which we keep secret of course and which the Jardins Phlox envelopes in different fragrances, each just as bewitching as the next to make the experience addictive ! The latter not only captures bad smells, but makes them disappear completely by the enzymes present which break down the smelly molecules ! Best of all, your pets will not be able to detect their scent ! Ideal for owners of babies / young animals who are in their first potty training ! Once the damage has been picked up, spray on the affected area, and the animal will no longer be tempted to reproduce the behavior as no trace ! As this ingredient is a natural water-based compound, it is intended to be non-toxic and safe for all occupants of the household! Perfect room scent and at the same time a formidable hunter of tough odors !

What's more, these odor hunters are, among other things, phthalate-free ! What are phthalates ? These are chemicals derived from phthalic acid, which is an acid derived from naphthalene, an aromatic hydrocarbon extracted from coal tar. Phthalates are ''suspected of damaging the liver, kidneys and reproductive organs as well as having a hormonal effect […] Phthalates are linked to the decrease in the number of sperm observed for decades and therefore with declining male fertility. They can also harm an unborn baby.'' (From The Truth About Cosmetics, by Rita Stiens.) 

It just goes to show that nature has much more to offer than you think...! So, will you look at your oranges the same way now…?


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