The day my trash smelled heavenly good !

Whether we are faced with a problem of odors related to animals, tobacco products, household waste, children's hockey or school bags with nice surprises, or other, there are several types of products on the market to mask these bad smells. But how to navigate through all of this, and as naturally as possible ? This week on the blog, why we love the ''super molecule'' so much in our J'habite chez mon chat odor hunter that is ecological, biodegradable and non-toxic to animals, and also some examples of proven uses in the home or elsewhere.

How does this active ingredient work ?

The composition of the active ingredient useful in the J'habite chez mon chat odor hunter literally surrounds the smelly molecules in order to permanently encapsulate them and eliminate them rather than just masking them. This concentrated compound therefore acts on contact to trap bad odor molecules. It is therefore a bit as if bad smells naively bond with love to this tantalizing active ingredient, without suspecting that the latter will transform them into a new molecule giving off a good odor, here proposed in 5 different options, green apple, citrus blast, black tea & bergamot, grapefruit & geranium, orange & lavender.

Natural water-based compound, it is intended to be non-toxic and safe for all occupants of the household. Now there is something to double the feeling of security as these odor hunters are vegan and designed without phthalate, paraben, palm oil, sulfate, and are biodegradable.

Some successful uses !

- Ambiant air
- Pet accessories (pillows, blankets, etc.)
- Drying ball
- Animal cages
- Shoes and soles
- Enclosed spaces (wardrobe, chest, vestibule, walk-in, storage, drawer, etc.)
- Litter
- Laundry in the dryer
- Trash can
- Bathroom
- Sport bag
- Any surface (floor, walls, etc.)
- Textiles / fabrics of all kinds (test on a small portion for pale / white colors depending on the fragrance selected)
- Carpet
- Car
- And more, even in a homemade scouring paste !

Which function is your favorite...or which one will you find ?

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