The day my head turned...broccoli !

Brassica Oleracea Seed Oil or broccoli oil, when the kitchen invites itself into our shampoos and even our conditioner, there is a reason to wonder ''but...why ?''. This week, we explore the benefits of broccoli for hair in search of incomparable nutrition.

Where does broccoli come from ?

If we talk about the vegetable itself, it would originate from Italy where the Romans would have created it from another type of wild cabbage. As for its oil, it is obtained from its seeds by a process of cold pressing in order to better benefit from all its benefits. Although this vegetable oil cannot be ingested, the latter represents a multitude of benefits both for the skin but also for the hair. Moreover, if we imagine a head of broccoli, we immediately imagine it dense, with strong fiber, and rich pigment.

Who is broccoli oil suitable for ?

Broccoli oil is suitable for all skin types and hair types, whether dry and damaged, colored, blond or white, and normal or oily. Essentially emollient, moisturizing, regenerating and smoothing, this oil rich in fatty acids would restore strength, shine and let's say it, discipline in order to tame frizz and rebellious curls. Have you ever seen a messy broccoli ? No, it's always straight and well placed !

But still...!

Broccoli oil would be credited with conditioning effects similar to silicone, but without its adverse effects on the hair fiber and scalp, in addition to helping to limit hair loss and provide volume to the hair. finer.

Hard to believe you tell me ? To that I will answer...for you to try to believe in magic. It's never too late !


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