The corn that saved my armpits !

This week on the blog, we answer a frequent question. What is propanediol in my deodorant ? Derived from fermented corn starch, find out more about this natural alternative to harmful synthetic glycols from petrochemicals.

Corn under the arms ?

Molecule made from corn, therefore of plant origin, this active ingredient replaces propylene glycol, a petroleum product commonly used as a solvent in common deodorants. The advantages of propanediol include in particular its purity, its durable and renewable aspect, its absence of skin irritation and sensitization and its respect for the environment being plant-based. In addition to generating no skin irritation or sensitization, propanediol promotes optimal viscosity to provide a feeling of softness that lasts beyond the moment of application, without feeling that the armpits are too wet.

An unwavering tandem !

Combined with saccharomyces ferment, we obtain a deodorant with pleasant application and lasting effectiveness. Saccharomyces ferment is a yeast with a pH between 3 and 5 which is said to promote increased cellular respiration and cellular metabolism. The smell of ''swing'' being the result of the production of proteins constituting a bio-protective response to several factors other than heat alone, the saccharomyces ferment then comes into play and helps stabilize cell membranes, and facilitate transporting proteins, thus becoming an integral part of the cell repair system. When cells are under stress, the saccharomyces ferment activates to mimic functions that are deactivated by the stressor or to protect the cell from additional stress.

To believe that this is a smart deodorant as it activates in the right place at the right time!

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