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This week on the blog, why add leave-in conditioner to your hair care routine ? Its advantages, benefits and functions make this product a quick, simple, and efficient solution for all ages...and all over-powered manes ! A real garden for the care of your hair, with ingredients that are healthy for you and the environment.


To the rescue of rushed mornings, parents exasperated by brushing rebellious hair that goes on forever, or quick but decisive touch-ups for hair that will turn heads, a few squeezes on the trigger of this little spray, and it is to believe that miracles exist !

Already its smell of summer Portneuf honey and mandarin peel oil will calm tensions with the hairbrush, it is when glycerin, keratin and panthenol, are combined with white radish extract and broccoli oil, that the magic work begins.

RADISH / Raphanus Sativus or daikon (white radish) extract, is a natural silicone-replacement emollient that provides a delicate, non-greasy feel when used in a leave-in hair conditioner, while strengthening hair.

BROCCOLI / Broccoli oil or Brassica Oleracea is suitable for all skin types and hair types, whether dry and damaged, colored, blond or white, and normal or oily. Essentially emollient, moisturizing, regenerating and smoothing, this oil rich in fatty acids would notably restore strength, shine and let's say it, discipline in order to tame frizz and rebellious curls.

Broccoli oil would be credited with conditioning effects similar to silicone, but without its adverse effects on the hair fiber and scalp, in addition to helping to limit hair loss and provide volume to the finer hair.


As it requires small doses, it is presented in a small format. With its locking spray bottle, easily carry your leave-in hair conditioner in your backpack, gym bag or purse. A spray or two in the hair will give back some bump to the headdress, without feeling greasy.


Did you know that our conditioner with rosemary hydrosol, mint & broccoli oil can be used as a hair mask ? Just apply it to damp hair, leave on for about 10 minutes, then rinse. Formulated with a precious rosemary hydrosol, this conditioner will help regulate sebum production, reduce dandruff and hair loss, soothe itching, then soothe and purify the most sensitive scalps.

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