Time wrinkles the skin of men and polishes the tires !

The skin around the eyes is ten times thinner than the rest of the face…! We have no further questions your honor...! The court is up ! No need to add more to justify all the care we have to take, because after all, aren't the eyes a reflection of the soul ? It is therefore essential in the development of an eye cream, to select ingredients very carefully and in perfect proportions so that they are absorbed in the most optimal way by this thin skin. Talk to Anne des Jardins Phlox who took almost 2 years to make the formulations for her 365 facial care products ! Let's go over some of the ingredients that make this eye cream, in our opinion, one of the most efficient in the line of high-end natural skin care. The perfect momentum since, in addition, the facials trio is on sale at more than attractive prices throughout the month of January ! 

We don't want to take anything away from the very high cuteness level of raccoons, but please let them have that characteristic feature of dark, black eye area…! Ladies and gentlemen, it's time to let nature take its course and do some little wonders on your faces !


“Time wrinkles men's skin and polishes tires.”

- Paul Morand


So, let's go, let's take a look at the question...how will this eye cream polish your skin like tires ! Because no one escapes it, when you see your first wrinkle, you think the mirror is cracked, and you curl up in denial, with buttery popcorn in front of movies that make you cry ! 

First, the pomegranate ! It is rich in antioxidants, mainly found in the tannins of the arils (grains that we eat), and it helps to slow down skin aging and the appearance of dark spots. Integrated in cosmetics, pomegranate extract is known to activate cell renewal and help the skin fight against free radicals and oxidative stress.

The team grows with the presence of caffeine ! The antioxidants contained in coffee, the polyphenols, are very powerful and have the advantage of being very well assimilated by the body, even more so when it comes to the finest skin such as that around the eyes. A true unsuspected natural anti-aging ingredient, caffeine has not escaped the notice of our dear "Sherlock" Anne des Jardins Phlox ! Its vasoconstrictive and diuretic powers reduce the size of blood vessels and therefore the appearance of wrinkles, bags and dark circles. I was able to personally learn more about coffee and its virtues during a previous trip to Nicaragua in 2015 to hone some culinary knowledge in a previous business where I often cook with coffee.

To add to the presence of rose, pomegranate and caffeine, this contour cream would not wear its divine halo without the cucumber extract that Les Jardins Phlox adds ! Cucumber was already prized by ancient civilizations in Egypt, Greece and Rome, where people not only consumed cucumber but used it for its beneficial properties in healing certain skin problems. God knows that the paintings and frescoes of the period feature beauty, both masculine and feminine, fully highlighted by pretty protruding and satiny skin ! Cucumber extract is softening, diuretic, emollient, purgative and tonic. The flesh of cucumbers is mostly water but also contains vitamin C and caffeic acid, which prevent water retention, help soothe skin irritation and reduce swelling. The tough skin of cucumbers is rich in fiber and contains a variety of beneficial minerals including silica, potassium and magnesium. The silica in cucumber is an essential component of healthy connective tissue, which includes muscles, tendons, ligaments, cartilage, and bones. Cucumber extract also helps reduce freckles, improve skin tone and then tighten open pores. Gone is the vacation destination of impurities in your pores ! We close the doors to make room for the shine of their satin surface !

Finally, one last among the impressive list of ingredients selected by Jardins Phlox, the botanical extract of green tea ! It helps reduce all signs of aging around the eyes, including the appearance of wrinkles, puffiness and dark circles. It naturally tones the skin to give it a more youthful and rejuvenated appearance. Free radicals, pollution, the sun, and more stimulate physical aging, so protecting and reviving the skin with powerful nutrients and firming agents is essential. Green tea is exceptionally rich in proanthocyanidins, powerful antioxidants that are twenty times more powerful than vitamin C and fifty times more powerful than vitamin E.

No, this cream is not the result of a pact between Jardins Phlox and the wicked witch, Snow White's stepmother, to know the magic formula of her eternal youth until the rebellion. Instead, let's joke that our cream is perfectly dosed and will polish the tires around your eyes and will allow you to be ready for any season, harsh winters included! Visit the online store to read more about its properties, contraindications, application techniques and all of its ingredients as many other active ingredients complete its formulation.


* This article contains general information only. You should always consult a healthcare professional who will be able to advise you on the best treatments for your condition and on products suitable for your skin and condition if necessary.

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