Blackberries have bees !

Do you know apitherapy ? At Plantae, we certainly know about HAPPYtherapy, the one that brings happiness, relaxation and health to the skin by enjoying the benefits of all these flowers foraged by our dear bees! Apitherapy therefore simply consists of treating with bee products (honey, beeswax, propolis, etc.). This ancient practice uses the properties of bee products to improve and maintain the health of humans, but also of animals. In order to ensure optimal effectiveness with a honey that does not lose its properties, it is imperative that the honey is unpasteurized.

“We see the bee landing on all the plants and getting the best out of each one.”

- Isocrates

What about Jardins Phlox products formulated with local honey or local beeswax ?

In an era where image is often more important than content, we wanted to pay tribute to our dear bees without whom our bountiful harvests and our lives would be impossible. First, there is the De miel en fleurs soap, which embodies our peaceful protest against industry and intensive agriculture and pesticides! How could A SOAP accomplish all of this...? Simply by formulating it first of all with filtered raw beeswax and unpasteurized local summer honey, respectful of ancestral knowledge, but also by giving back to the bees some of their precious gift by wrapping with paper seeded with wild melliferous flowers that you can sow as you wish…in your vegetable garden, on your property, on the windowsill, in cities thirsty for greenery, etc. Then join the Douce peau d'ours soap from the Belle Créature collection, with oat milk and honey, as well as lip balms with local beeswax. Their common secret ? A fragrant honey that first and foremost appeals to all noses, but above all an army with on the forehead, imperturbable soldiers of regeneration and hydration for the skin of the face, body, and lips !

Let's call him, Arnold SchwarzeneMIEL !

It is impossible to ignore that the power of honey is entirely due to the hard work of bees. Its versatility speaks for itself ! The pedigree is long ! Anti-aging, moisturizing, antioxidant, honey protects the skin from UV rays and facilitates tissue regeneration. In addition, honey absorbs and retains hydration. Rich in sugar, minerals and vitamin B, honey has the ability to maintain the skin's natural hydration and cope with dry skin. Difficult skin ? Acne is often caused by excess sebum blocking the pores of the skin. That said, honey acts a bit like a scrub, it absorbs the impurities lodged in the pores of the skin, and purifies the skin. Bye bye pimples, and say hello to healthy, supple skin that regains its elasticity of yesteryear !

How about numbers !

The INRA (Institute for Agronomic Research) published in 2005 that "bees contributed 15 billion dollars to the gross domestic product of the United States for the year 2000. It is French ecologists from INRA who have carried out this measurement, based on the pollinating activity of insects. They contribute 70% to seed production and increase the germination quality of flowers by at least 10% compared to those pollinated by wind." Not only are they essential for our health, but also for our economy!

Whether in medical use, or at the level of natural cosmetics for the care of the face and the body, it becomes practically impossible to deny all the power which resides in this product which piques the curiosity of good numbers of civilizations for years. Thousands of years ago, 40,000 say according to some sources reporting the first traces of honey in certain caves located in South Africa.

Extraterrestrial…or quite simply one of the greatest riches of our nature ? Only nature knows it ! But one thing remains, we must not forget the very power of nature that created us…! Maybe this is the best place to take care of us, if in return we take care of her ?


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Beauty escapes passing fashions !

- Robert Doisneau