The essential and mystical, Coco !

Sweet and exotic, its name is an invitation to travel, without forgetting its gourmet fragrance that transforms each treatment into a particularly pleasant cocooning break.

Native to Southeast Asia and Polynesia where traces of fossilized coconuts have been found millions of years old, the coconut comes from the tree nicknamed ''tree of Life'' and has had several million years of evolution before it to see all its richness revealed in broad daylight.

Soothing, cleansing, emollient, nourishing, regenerating, softening, softening, and healing...I catch my breath...oufff ! With its arm-length pedigree, no one is surprised to find coconut in several carefully developed natural cosmetic products. You will also find it in the majority of Jardins Phlox products on the Plantae Artistes du soin cultivé online store. Now let's see why above all !


“Joy is our escape out of time.”

- Simone Weil


Cocooning with Lady Coco !

Much appreciated for its nourishing and protective properties, coconut oil is a natural must have in your beauty corner, and I am talking to you ladies and gentlemen here as much ! Whatever your routine, as long as it is present, you will notice that its contribution is indisputable and that it is at the service of your skin to give it a whole new breath of life!

Is it a plane, is it a bird, is it Superman ? No, it's...coconut !

A lot of :

  • It is rich in essential fatty acids, lauric acid and myristic acid, which means that it has a lipid-replenishing action and is very easily absorbed by the skin. His circle of friends is very large among dry skin !

  • For those marks that time can leave on the body despite ourselves, coconut oil has softening properties that would help reduce stretch marks. It's getting more and more tempting !

  • Sunbathing or a long afternoon on the terrace telling all the gossip to your best friend Amélie ? Coconut oil is soothing and reduces redness and is also said to be as effective as aloe vera as an after-sun ! This is not gossip, it is quite true !

  • As coconut oil is rich in vitamins A and E, it is particularly excellent for dry lips and the eye area, which will appear plumped after just one application. This is also why Anne from Jardins Phlox has integrated coconut in her local beeswax lip balms as well as her gentle foaming facial cleanser with aloe, marshmallow & papaya.

  • Rich in antioxidants, coconut is known to fight against aging of the skin, invigorating it and restoring its radiance to the passage, in soap, in facial care, in lip balm, in bath salt, in whipped body butter, and even an all-purpose household cleaner like coconut also has the ability to moisturize materials without damaging their shape or structure.

Who would have thought ?

Coconut plays as much a role for the skin as in the formulation of the products in which it is integrated. Coconut is a natural surfactant, that is, it reduces the surface tension of cosmetics and contributes to the uniform distribution of the product during its use. Benefits & optimal efficiency of use, what more could you ask for ?

I was far from imagining while watching these episodes of Gilligan's Island that this coconut, which one tried in good or bad year to crack with the hammer, would as much capture my attention many years later (good...not as many years as you think ...!) !

Visit the online store to discover the coconut in all its splendor ! Connect your skin with nature !


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