The smell is the intelligence of flowers !

What could be better as a title when we find ourselves in the presence of an active ingredient from which the skin takes advantage, and whose emanating smell plays a role in reducing anxiety and stress ? You will guess it, we are dissecting the virtues of lavender this week ! But above all, we are trying to see if all this is a myth, or reality, or quite simply, a placebo !


“As you ripen, do like lavender, soften yourself.”

- English proverb


Lavandula officinalis, lavandula angustifolia, true lavender, different names, but a single plant and personality! Its smell is easily recognizable, it is sweet, fresh, flowery and suave. Lavender is like cilantro ! It's no compromise, we love it or we hate it ! But as we still have French roots, quite fresh, from the southwest of France, spontaneously, we really like real lavender...! Beyond pharmaceutical studies, this is our relaxing little boost ! Nothing to explain…only lavender knows it !

Act on body and soul !

Already in the 12th century, lavender was cultivated in monasteries for its therapeutic properties. From the Middle Ages, lavender was used in Provence in the manufacture of medicines and perfumes. Although the benefits of lavender are undisputed at the cutaneous level, there are no scientific studies that validate its calming and soothing virtues acting on anxiety and sleep disorders. On the skin, lavender essential oil, particularly recognized for its analgesic and analgesic properties, is anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and antibacterial, and would be popular with many outdoor enthusiasts as it would be an excellent natural insecticide, in addition to to the delight of people with difficult skin (eczema, pruritus, bedsores, rosacea, etc.).

As for its virtues on stress and anxiety, in 1991, a study conducted in Vienna clearly confirmed the mildly narcotic effect of lavender when used to help fall asleep or alleviate anxiety. It would act not only in an olfactory way, but also directly on the nervous system. Other research found that lavender essential oil reduced blood pressure as well as certain physiological markers of nervousness and stress (for example, increased cortisol levels).

In addition, other indications are that the essential oil of true lavender helps fight hyperemotion and mood swings. Myth, reality, placebo ? Again, only lavender knows it !

One thing is certain, the major active ingredients in lavender are linalool, linalyl acetate, then terpinenes-1 and 4-ol. From this account, the linalool would be the actor providing calming virtues to lavender as it is a molecule with hypotensive (blood pressure), analgesic (painkiller), relaxing and sedative properties which reduces the opening time of the ion channels of the neuromuscular junction by blocking the Na + and / or Ca2 + channels.

The ultimate solution that Jardins Phlox has found ? Make sure that lavender can follow you all day long, in soap during the morning and evening routine, and in deodorant for each step to go through during the day, and this, in peace and mind relaxed !

Take care of your skin and it will take care of your mind !

Feeling good about yourself has always had an impact on the way we take care of ourselves in general ! What could be better than a botanical active ingredient that takes care of both our skin and our mind, and integrates it easily into our daily lives ? I believe that lavender is among the rare botanical ''deities'' to hold this power, and I am ready to bet that the less fond, would be ready to go there of compromise to reap all the benefits, a not much like some people would eat coriander armed with a nose clip and a mouthwash that freezes the sense of the snack !

So, lavender or coriander ?


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