Tonic lotion, yes or no, why, how, for whom !?

This week on the blog, I was the first to underestimate the importance of using a face tonic lotion, but it only takes one try to reveal sublimated skin, and fall in love with it. Discover the why of its necessity and the how, as much for for men, believe me ! A real treasure is hidden under its delicate scent of mandarin bark oil.

First of all, why a tonic lotion ?

Unlike a micellar water which is a 2 in 1, the tonic lotion is a full-fledged treatment for all skin in search of softness, and results. It benefits from being used in the morning and in the evening to complete the facial care steps and promote better performance of active ingredients, both for women and for men who do not like to "cream" as it easily replaces aftershave with a complex of effective active ingredients, moisturizing with a little extra that smooths and gives the sensation of promoting a youthful look.

Once the cleansing / makeup removal step is over, the role of the tonic lotion is nothing less than effectively making the epidermis permeable, at the same time regulating the glow of the skin, hydration, and soothing sensitive skin and providing anti-aging active ingredients to all skin types. This step therefore becomes the one which will allow the cream or the serum to better penetrate the epidermis and thus feel and observe an increased efficiency. To better illustrate the scenario, just imagine your skin as a sponge. When it is dry, it is hard and not very absorbent. But when you moisten it, it becomes softer and more absorbent.

If we had to synthesize the why, we would say that this is a ''must'' for hydrating, giving radiance and regulating (pimples, sebum, redness).

And now, the how ?

The how involves turning the spotlight on our key ingredients that make our lotion a high quality cosmetic, namely bamboo water, birch extract, pomegranate and orange blossom complex, PF amino acid complex, extract of tremelle (mushroom) and the natural carbohydrate scaffolding from chia. You will find here the detailed description for each of them in order to better understand the synergy of active ingredients in our tonic lotion.

How to use the tonic lotion :

• Use in the morning and in the evening after the cleaning step
• Spray the product directly into the palm of your hand (about 5 pressures for the whole face)
• Distribute the product by rubbing your hands together
• Spread gently and evenly over the entire face and even the neck area
• Finish by patting all areas of your face
• Do not rinse your face
• Apply your cream La Fraîche or Bonne Mine, your eye contour cream, or your serum

...and shine with all your skin at a rebalanced pH !

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