For Valentine's Day, orange !

Citrus Sinensis or sweet orange, why does it benefit from being integrated into the formulation of our massage candle with essential oils La Sensuelle in our trio I love you XO for Valentine's Day ? This is what we are showing you this week on the blog.

The goddess Orange

Regenerating, invigorating, and regulating well-being, it is unequivocal, the orange whatever its variety is essential as a true colored goddess which restores radiance to any sense crossing it, without counting its particularly interesting benefits for the skin, in particular in the form proposed here, massage.

Used for several years in traditional Chinese medicine for its therapeutic properties, the oil extracted from the peel of sweet orange refers to a powerful alliance between psychic and cosmetic. It is therefore the meeting between a calm mind and toned, regenerated skin.

Obtained from the cold pressed zest, this toning oil for the skin is also known to be not only antioxidant and promoting healing, but also calming in particular by the presence of linalool although it would be present in very small quantities. Linalool is believed to have anxiolytic properties, that is to say, it is involved in nervous balance. In synergy with the selection of essential oils in our massage candle (lavender, mandarin, geranium rosat, boswellia, palmarosa, Ylang-Ylang), the essential oil of sweet orange is...the orange...on the sundae for a moment of relaxation where you surrender to each other in an ode to love.

How to use it ?

Light your candle about 15 to 20 minutes before the start of your massage session and let it burn. This will give you a sufficient amount of oil to perform a full body massage. Blow out the candle, then gently pour the oil into the palm of your hand to test the temperature, then apply to the skin and massage.

Preceded by a bath with one of our two imposing bubble bath bombs from our trio with blueberry or rose flower petals, it is the promise of a bewitching waltz on the scent of toned love and toning...!

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