Probiotics, from the the face ?

Like what nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed, why not use what is found on our plates, to spread it on the face ! But be careful, of course we do not tell you to run to the yogurt pot stored in the fridge to make a mask ! This week, let's dig more into probiotics in cosmetics, just like in our 365 eye cream with damask rose, pomegranate & coffee. Facials based on probiotics not only appeal to people who are looking for more natural or organic cosmetics, they also appeal to the younger generations who associate a healthy diet with the consumption of nutrients or supplements that contribute to a healthy skin. It's like an open secret, good health and a healthy and radiant appearance are two factors at the heart of our daily lives in this first quarter of the 21st century and even more in the age of social networks where faces abound.

Star, ''Lactobacillus Ferment Lysate''

At first glance, you might think we're talking about an alien species brought back from a previous lunar expedition. If only ! But in fact the lactobacillus ferment lysate is more accessible than you think ! It is a lactic acid bacterium, a probiotic ingredient with soothing properties and which we would recognize anti-aging virtues. Indeed, it would promote the absorption of oxygen, the production of collagen and the synthesis of ATP (the energy molecule in our body)1. 

Why are probiotics in cosmetics ?

From a nod to our previous article on skin microbiota, it should be known that the latter would be composed of several billion microorganisms which would serve to protect from external aggressions. So when bacteria try to take hold, probiotics in the skin, being microscopic living organisms, would produce toxic substances to confront them. It would therefore be to maintain a good skin balance that probiotics, among others, are integrated in certain cosmetics. According to Top Santé, a reputable health news and advice portal, probiotics are above all anti-inflammatory, they strengthen the immune system and the skin's barrier function, and they preserve the skin's ecosystem and improve its natural defenses2.

100% natural, 100% in action !

According to Paula Begoun3, '' The cosmetics cop '', applied to the skin, probiotics have been shown to have a powerful soothing effect which in turn enhances the skin's ability to defend itself against aggressors. The latter precisely raises research which also revealed that this ferment (lactobacillus ferment lysate) may play a role in helping the skin's microbiome maintain a healthy blend of flora, a benefit that may reduce the risk or visible severity of several common and often uncomfortable skin conditions. 

It just goes to show that sometimes looking too far is pointless when all it takes is a flash of genius for a meal to realize that what is best for us is right in front. .on our plate !

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Cover image: Drew Graham / Unsplash

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