Snake that changes its skin is always a snake !

Change of season and stress ? It's hard to be more immersed in this duo as tantalizing as a hair on the soup, than in this time of change of season combined with the stress related to the situation of COVID-19...! The skin is fragile in the face of external aggressions and is particularly reactive in the face of stressful situations. Looks like we have a tough little demon doing the mirth dance on our shoulder ! Let's see how to put the stick in the wheels !

The beginning of the end !

Unpleasant dryness, tightness, tingling and redness ? Who says spring, says above all not to stop hydrating your skin ! The variations in temperature in addition to the lack of humidity still put a lot of stress on each of your pores which contract and dilate, waltzing in an uncontrollable and grueling clumsy Viennese waltz !

Although spring is not as cold as winter, the expression ''In April do not discover yourself by a thread'' will never have taken on its full meaning as well as when you grasp the magnitude external aggressions to which our skin is exposed ! Why ? In order for the body to retain its heat, it favors the water supply to vital organs, to the detriment of the skin. A good reason to drink a lot of water in winter and spring because drinking less water rhymes with a decrease in the production of sebum, which is nevertheless an essential constituent of the hydrolipidic film which serves as a natural protective barrier to the skin. So what can be done to avoid worsening the dryness of the skin ? Continue to drink plenty of water, eat a healthy diet, moisturize your skin well with a suitable soap, use a good moisturizer for the body, use a protective lip balm and apply facials that help reduce the effect of external aggressions on the skin by releasing it from impurities (cleansing), nourishing and moisturizing it (serum and eye cream) effectively to reform and strengthen its hydrolipidic film.

When scientists get involved !

In the British Journal of Dermatology, researchers say they examined the skin of 80 adult volunteers during the winter and summer months. This observation from a cellular point of view led to the observation of a degradation of the protein that helps maintain the "barrier" function of the skin on the cheeks and hands of the participants. Contrary to what many people might think, the seasons of fall and spring are the key times when taking care of your skin is essential as we approach the most difficult seasons for the skin, but also to recover from the previous one.

Courtyard side, garden side ? Or rather Body side, face side !

// Body side // Our ''must'' to protect, nourish, hydrate and soothe !

All our soaps contain natural botanical active ingredients as well as laboratory-controlled extracts which make Jardins Phlox formulations an assurance of adapted performance ! It's unequivocal, here are our 4 spring ''must'' among our 9 soaps !

1. Douce peau d'ours [Oat milk & honey]: It helps exfoliate, soften and soothe dry, itchy skin no matter the season. The synergy of its ingredients gives this soap a high level of antioxidants and fatty acids that are beneficial to the skin. This soap promotes beautiful hydration and a more radiant and healthy glow of the skin. Oat milk is known to slow the aging of cells. Its honey acts a bit like a sugar foamer which erases impurities in passing to allow the skin to breathe well.

2. Le Hygge [Maple, sandalwood & spicy vanilla]: Maple, with its antioxidant properties, helps prevent dryness of the skin and, incidentally, the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Maple syrup and maple water are very effective in firming the skin that begins to sag with age, with a significant bonus, which is to give the skin a healthy and youthful glow. Winter / spring companion par excellence because of its moisturizing power, and a feeling of natural sweet scrub that frees the skin from impurities.

3. Le Plantae [Spices, cedar & rose]: As the ideal of spring is both to hydrate but also to detoxify to eliminate the toxins that the skin retains in winter due to lower sebum production, this soap is another of our ''must''. Cedarwood oil which promotes healing, detoxifying spirulina, purging and purifying activated charcoal and exfoliating pink clay, a combination that ensures the skin is well free of impurities in order to hydrate it and nourish it with the shea butter present.

4. De miel en fleurs [Maple water & Portneuvoix honey]: It hydrates, regenerates and soothes the skin. Honey eliminates dead skin and has a regenerating power, in particular through its antioxidant properties. It is known to nourish the skin in depth by offering it flexibility and elasticity, without forgetting its anti-wrinkle properties. Recognized as being antibacterial and antiseptic, honey promotes healing as well as the reduction of skin inflammation. Perfect ally for dry skin !

// Face side // A ''Medusing'' trio that turns your skin into a satin sheet to the touch !

It goes without saying that being diligent about facials will help ensure that the transition from season to season is smoother for your skin ! Therefore, our trio of facials from the 365 collection is our ''must''. As the high-end formulations of these products deserve your full attention to understand the role of each of the ingredients, here are links leading to detailed texts from our beauty blog on our gentle foaming cleanser, our serum and our eye cream !

What you must remember ? A bit like in Frozen, ''Release, deliver'' ! Free the skin to deliver it from its dead cells, in order to better hydrate it in depth and give it a boost of energy. Well-exfoliated and well hydrated skin will be able to more easily retain water in its tissues during the long cold winter months and early spring. It is important to rid the skin of toxins accumulated during winter that have a negative impact on the clarity and radiance of the complexion.

Finally, although effective year round, the key product of the summer is the serum as it is non-greasy and very hydrating, so it is perfect for hot, more humid days.

Of course, it goes without saying that it is always recommended to add a visit to the beautician at least once a season in order to proceed with a complete treatment to deeply purify your skin !

Come on, spring beauty SOS !


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