If love is as sweet as a flower, then Calendula is that flower !

If not having a pet, some people have more of a fondness for this beautiful creature dressed in a coat ranging from yellow to orange, the Calendula flower, also called Marigold ! Its name comes from the Latin word "solsequia", meaning "who follows the sun". Indeed, Calendula flowers open at sunrise and close at sunset ! They are there, and follow our rhythm ! We feed them in our garden, and in return, they have a lot to offer our skin ! And if we took the analysis further to take a look at its benefits for skin of all ages, from the most mature to fragile baby skin that we love to cuddle so much !


“Beauty is the flower of happiness.”

- Anonymous


For people struggling with skin irritations, reactive and sensitive skin, tightness, dry skin, fragile or delicate skin, Calendula flower hears your call and can't wait to be able to apply a balm on these skin problems.

30 seconds of history !

Since the Middle Ages, the Calendula flower has been used for its cosmetic and medicinal properties. At that time, it is said that in the 12th century, Saint Hildegarde (Benedictine mystical nun), and in the 13th century, Albert the Great (Dominican brother), used it against insect bites and reptile bites. But the more the years have passed, the more its role has seen new strings to its bow, and for situations less drastic than a reptile bite !

A flower...or genius?

Calendula flower is a powerful anti-inflammatory because of its content of faradiol esters (fatty substances resulting from the action of an acid on an alcohol with elimination of water). Also because of these esters, which are very present, it is also anti-edematous and is capable of significantly reducing edema and congestion of the skin, such as those due to a burn or a slight contusion, for example.

Let us now add that the concentration of flavonoids in Calendula flower makes it an excellent antioxidant which protects against cell degeneration, in particular by capturing free radicals at the origin of premature skin aging. Who says cell regeneration also says accelerated healing. In fact, the presence of flavonoids and salicylic acid (an organic element present in several plants and having keratolytic, exfoliating, astringent, regenerating, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory properties, which also plays a soothing role for sensitive skin, and which calms inflammations of acne-prone skin) makes Calendula flower a good healing agent, since these active ingredients allow it to promote the regeneration of damaged skin tissue. Calendula flower is a real radiance booster that gets a makeover !

A sweetness that gives pleasure !

Natural antiseptic and bactericidal thanks to the essential oils it contains, Calendula flower also acts as a softening and softening agent to make your skin softer and more supple. Its soothing and regenerating virtues will respond to skin with chapped skin, cracks, frostbite, small wounds, psoriasis, ulcers, eczema, and even razor irritation.

When we talk about exponential sweetness, the Calendula flower would also be popular with people who have cancer and who are undergoing radiotherapy treatments.

Its softness just like its beauty leaves no one indifferent. This is why at Plantae, we are increasing the number of products in which the Calendula flower is found, as it has everything to meet the finest, most sensitive and fragile skin types, without however being ineffective on other skin types.

Find Calendula flower in our fragrance-free deodorant for guaranteed softness on your thin armpit skin, our Colibri soap for sensitive skin and for toddlers, our Purrrrfection trio for cleaning & hand care, our De miel en fleurs soap. maple water & honey Portneuvoix, our Je te love trio // Le Rituel, our gentle foaming facial cleanser, our face serum, our eye cream (all available individually or in trio with a saving of $ 53), our lip balms with local beeswax, then our Mephisto soap for difficult and rebellious skin !

Could it be you I see rolling around in a Calendula field ?


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Beauty escapes passing fashions !

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