It smells like swing ...! Introduction to the skin microbiota !

This week, following the viewing of a TV5 report on the powers of the human body in which the skin microbiota was discussed, we were pleased to see that Jardins Phlox deodorants are developed in the same direction. They are formulated with Saccharomyces Ferment, then without oil, without baking soda and without aluminum salt ! It is a natural, efficient, and non-invasive alternative that is designed to conceal rather than decimate. The key ? Saccharomyces Ferment, a probiotic that promotes peaceful interaction with skin fauna. This fauna, the microbiota, is made up of good bacteria, good fungi and good viruses that have colonized the human body for millennia, and it is not without reason1. Let's push the analysis !

30% genetics and 70% healthy lifestyle
- The extraordinary powers of the human body, TV5, 2018

In reality, skin aging and the behavior of the skin, both result on the one hand to 30% of genetics, and on the other hand to 70% of the hygiene of life, for example, the diet and the choice of products for body care, both having a direct impact on what nourishes our dermis and its proteins.

Long live to the swing !

If the body produces sweat and sebum, it is certainly because it is useful to it even if the smell can make us believe the opposite ! Rather than getting rid of them, let's see how to deal with them without necessarily giving them all the empty the place !

An unsuspected and very alive fauna on the surface of our skin is essential to us, and several alternatives make it possible to effectively protect the cutaneous microbiota so that it assumes its role of regulator and natural protector for our skin. In adulthood, that would be nearly 1 million bacteria per cm2 of skin that would ensure the proper functioning of it and its regulation. While the sweat glands have the role of tempering the human body over the seasons, the sebaceous glands provide protection against external aggressors.2. So, eliminate them ? No ! Control them, oh yes then ! And the choice of deodorant has a lot to do with sweat, whether short term (comfort vs irritation), medium term (odor impact) and long term (health problems) !

Hands up !

Did you know ? The bacteria that inhabit the armpits feed on, among other things, skin oils, thus creating unpleasant perfumes / gases when they...evacuate. Fresh sweat itself has no noticeable odor, but remember that sweating and its effects vary by body part, bacteria type, age, diet and gender. Now, it's up to you to make the right choice to remedy bad odors while respecting the microbiota.

According to Pr Jacques Schrenzel, head of the Bacteriology Laboratory at HUG (University Hospitals of Geneva): ''All products do not have the same effects, but by modifying the skin micro-environment, they can cause an imbalance of the flora. present3''.

This is why Jardins Phlox deodorants are formulated without sodium bicarbonate which, by its more alkaline pH, can cause an imbalance in the skin and unpleasant and restrictive irritations throughout everyday life. They are also formulated without aluminum salt which would be known to help block the process of perspiration by tightening the pores of the skin and by acting as a kind of plug by obstructing the sweat glands essential to the fauna of the epidermis.

As mentioned in one of our previous articles, Saccharomyces Ferment is a yeast with a pH between 3 and 5, promoting the increase in cellular respiration and cellular metabolism. The smell of ''swing'' is actually the production of protein that is a bio-protective response to many factors other than heat alone. Saccharomyces Ferment then comes into play ! It stabilizes cell membranes, and facilitates the transport of proteins, thus becoming an integral part of the cell repair system. When cells are under stress, Saccharomyces Ferment activates to mimic functions that are deactivated by the stressor or to protect the cell against additional stress. In short, it acts like the stabilizer wheels on a children's bicycle. The balance threatened by the stress of the child is thus ensured by the wheels which intervene when necessary. Outside of these moments, they are discreet.

Why modify our microbiota with the wrong choice of products when it is possible to work together and in a pleasant way with it, and all to our advantage ?

Result ? Goodbye bad smells, hello healthy armpits and protected skin microbiota !




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