The 9 best uses of black soap throughout history !

This week on the blog, we wanted to have fun and do some calculations...and lists ! What do the savings from the use of black soap represent concretely, and a breakdown of the main uses of this product as old as the moon ? So many reasons that make the adoption of this ecological turn even more attractive with our two cleansing soaps inspired by black soap and expertly formulated by J'habite chez mon chat !


Known as an excellent multi-purpose cleaner, stain remover and strong degreaser, black soap is used to clean all surfaces...or almost ! Biodegradable, ecological and particularly economical product, black soap, in the form of a highly concentrated liquid household product, requires only a minimal amount to have the big bang effect on the most rebellious stains. Two or three tablespoons diluted in a bucket of lukewarm water are enough to clean the house...all over (han han !). We had fun, and we did some math !


If 2 teaspoons (2 x 5 ml) are used once a week to clean the house or apartment, a 500 ml bottle will meet all your needs for a period of 50 weeks, or almost a full year, for the little sum...of $ 20 !

If 1/2 teaspoon (2.5 ml) is used twice a week to be diluted in a spray bottle and serve as an all-purpose cleaner in the kitchen, a 500 ml bottle will serve you for a period of 100 weeks, or almost 2 years...! Why twice a week ? Simply because black soap does not require a preservative due to its pH, but once diluted in water, it is suggested to dispose of the preparation after about 3 days.

But since a good majority of us do a more elaborate cleaning of the house about every 2 weeks, it goes without saying that a single bottle of 500 ml has enough to accompany us in a multitude of tasks throughout the year. We are in love !

Now, will we be able to convince you of its surprising and robust effectiveness surpassing a lot of chemicals that are harmful to the environment ? It's up to you to see by yourselves, but here is a list of the top 9 essential works easily assumed and endorsed throughout history by black soap and its gentle robustness on materials. :

1. Clean floors
2. Clean walls
3. Clean bath, shower, toilet and vanity
4. Degrease the kitchen
5. Maintain leather
6. Clean paint brushes and tools
7. Clean the barbecue
8. Clean the car
9. Shine the forecourt and patio furniture in the outdoor courtyard

Are you convinced, or at least curious to try it ?

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