A smile is a touch of love placed on the lips !

// title quote : Ariane Angeloglou

Why spend money to take care of our lips, let's see, a lick and hop, they are hydrated ! How can I say…? NO ! Taking care of yourself properly is an art and that is why you have to cultivate it and know how to do it while knowing what your body is absorbing. How about starting with a simple lip balm ? It is not only the eyes that are the reflection of the soul, the lips too, after all they are the ones who speak for the soul !


“A soft lip promises you an eternity of kisses.”

- Ben Jonson


A bit of history, professor !

As true as 1 + 1 is 2, the main function of a lip balm is to provide a protective layer on the surface of the thin skin of the lips in order to contain the hydration of the lips and protect them from exposure to the many external factors affecting their protection. Dry air, environmental pollution, cold and wind are among the players that cause a drying effect on the skin, having the effect of gradually evaporating skin hydration. The lips are particularly fragile because the skin is very thin.

Did you say...ear wax ? The first lip balm would have been marketed in the 1880s by a certain Dr Charles Brown Fleet ! Other sources claim that its origin can be traced to ear wax...! Yes yes...ear wax ! It is said that over 40 years before Mr. Brown Fleet's lip balms went on sale, a lady named Lydia Maria Child recommended earwax as a treatment for chapped lips in her famous book The American Frugal Housewife. Mrs Child writes : “People afflicted with chapped lips have found a solution with this remedy [earwax], where other recipes have failed. It sounds like those remedies that are laughed at sometimes, but I know this one has produced salutary results.". On these wise words, I am delighted that the recipes have evolved since the arrival of Dr. Charles Brown Fleet...but especially that ear wax has been exchanged for beeswax !

And now, some stars !

In addition to its plant macerate, shea butter, vitamin E (tocopherol), oat extract, plantain extract, marshmallow root and propolis, our lip balms from Les Jardins Phlox leave room for everything. the potency of lesser-known ingredients like rice bran oil and local beeswax. What if we dwell on it a little longer...!

Rice bran oil

It is an oil that is obtained by cold pressing rice bran, the husk of brown rice. Rice bran alone contains more than 65% of the nutrients of rice and 90% of the active substances. Rice may not be unanimous on the plate, but in cosmetics, it is a popular commodity ! Why ? Among other things, because rice bran oil contains more than 100 antioxidants (vitamins, minerals, enzymes, fatty acids, etc.). This is the ingredient not to be overlooked if we want to protect the skin from external aggressions like UV rays and environmental pollution, and stimulate the microcirculation of the thin skin of the lips, and say, hello plump lips, and a shiny appearance !

Local beeswax

Beeswax comes directly from the bee, which produces it thanks to its wax glands located under its abdomen. Each of them lets out small and light scales of wax, which will then be used to build the hexagonal cells where the honey is then deposited. In addition, beeswax is made of over 300 components, the nature of which, of course, differs depending on the bee species. Beeswax would contain around 14% saturated hydrocarbons (organic compounds), a large number of esters (organic compounds), as well as very interesting fatty acids. The fatty acids in beeswax help nourish the skin and make it more supple. Thus beeswax is both moisturizing and emollient, and curls the curl while having the ability to leave a protective film on the skin where it is applied. Result, the skin becomes more elastic and softer…bye bye cracked lips !

Interesting fact !

The quality of beeswax is recognized by its yellow color rather than filtered white wax. Why ? Beeswax is yellow because the presence of pollen and sometimes even propolis justifies this coloring with sometimes orange accents. Natural and pure, this color also demonstrates its quality as it has not undergone any addition of additives or chemical or other transformation processes. It is therefore ideal for skin care.

So when you read ''cera alba" on a label, you know what to do !


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