‘’ And we only triumph over nature by obeying it. ’’ 

- Francis bacon

‘’ Look at the plant, its shape expresses the living memories of all evolution. ‘’ 

- Rudolf Steiner

Plants are everywhere around us and have always been the charm of many decorations in addition to ensuring their beauty and health ! They are in front of our eyes at one time or another of the day and witness all the evolution. What if their senses caught all that eludes us, and they moved in silence to have even more to offer ? That's what Plantae seeks to prove by believing in creative artists here who offer us plants in various forms. Plants have the role of beautifying, balancing certain imperfections, or even regenerating spaces. Whether we are talking about the power from their roots to the flower, nothing is left out when it comes time to highlight their power in natural skin care, health and beauty products at Plantae ! We thus see in each of our products, several plants in action at one or other of the stages of the day, each with their role, to embellish, balance or regenerate areas of our body that endures time.

Whether they brighten up a kitchen table, a bedroom, a window, a garden...hair, a jacket pocket, or they simply restore a smile, their versatility is great, for some yet to be discovered, for others evident in addition to being associated with different rituals or traditions for millennia. So this is where we got the idea for the name from Latin, Plantae ! Creating Plantae, our primary objective is to bring together and promote all the benefits of plants in various ranges of high-end natural cosmetic products for care, health and beauty from the imagination of Quebec artists who could not be more creative than we want to promote everywhere in Quebec, and in Canada ! 

François Manseau, founder of PLANTAE


Plantae has for modus operandi to stick to Quebec artists who work for the sake of study and continuous improvement of their products and who ensure a rigorous selection of each of the ingredients with which they work to be in harmony with the raw materials that our local terroir has to offer, and according to the same logic as regards safety and cleanliness. And at Plantae, we do not expect our artists to do less sinea qua non in their design stages ! The watchword is therefore to offer sensations and scents associated with your most touching memories of well-being and vitality, without neglecting the quality and by assuming our respective roles in connection to our social responsibility, in our case, as a corporate brand. 

Each ingredient is carefully thought out so that it performs a specific, useful role with unique effects and benefits, while maximizing the protection of the environment. None of the products represented on this platform are tested on animals. The products are the result of original formulas, created from the imagination and knowledge of our artists, then tested by the team of Plantae in order to recognize their organic, eco-responsible, high-end character, and the creativity around top quality ingredients.

We believe that our offer is complementary to the current market wishing to protect our natural resources, and that it allows to add a touch of radiance and unique satisfaction to the daily self-care routine ! We believe that you are leading players, mindful to make intelligent consumption choices and future-oriented to ensure a balance between the health of your body and your planet, which are both your temple ! Through our product choices, we become supporters of current social causes and invest in constant efforts to reduce our ecological footprint and respect for flora and fauna.

Our first step is to ensure that all our products contain researched raw materials, laboratory-controlled extracts as well as natural botanical active ingredients.

The team of Plantae works in close proximity with its artists and remains on the lookout for your comments in order to improve our offer with a view to protecting the environment !