Anne Bastide, founder of Jardins Phlox

Reflecting on the origin of Jardins Phlox, I can't help but remember the beautiful garden of my maternal grandfather. It was a painting ! All alive with scents, colors and flavors ! We entered this garden of the old L’Amouroux estate which bordered the Garonne under a fragrant arbor of rosebushes of all colors. The stone wall separating us from the neighbor on the right was bordered by vines, pear trees and fig trees...in its center, an avenue of prolific apple trees led us to the Garonne which on its shore, cradled two imposing plum trees which protected the last sleep of my dog Quenelle. I must not forget the terrace shaded by magnificent and imposing lime trees, where we ate on the beautiful days of summer vacation...because it is there that one fine afternoon, I got my hands on a magazine praising the power of plants over beauty...my first source of inspiration ! It was 1978, I was 12 years old…! That very evening, the fruit of my first picking of grape leaves, rose petals and marigold was piled next to my bed... and in my bathtub floated a mixture that was almost chic and luxurious, at least in my memories, of what would become a source of creative fulfillment much later. Thank you to my grandfather for this garden so generous in the power of plants and in inspiration…! I did not inherit your green thumb...you left us a little too early to pass it on...but sometimes I have the feeling that I am in your continuity in my workshop nestled in the hollow of the leafy valleys of the county of Portneuf, abounding in beautiful plants which, in the past, also inhabited your garden...

- Anne Bastide, L’Amouroux, Cambes



Prior to formulating human care, Anne has, for almost 10 years, formulated natural foods, supplements and care for dogs and cats. She then worked in close collaboration with dog and cat breeders concerned about the health and well-being of their animals, who had for concern to have a natural and ecological approach and this, in order to maintain a healthy breeding environment for both the animals and the breeder. This experience allowed her to notice that the offer of household products respecting the more sensitive nature of our pets, in particular, the cats one which is very similar to the one of young children, rarely combined olfactory happiness, safety, efficiency, and respect for the environment.

Knowing that cats are ultra sensitive to household products, but also generators of foul-smelling and persistent urine, she figured that creating the natural product, without impacting the environment would be her goal. After extensive research to find the right molecule, the right fragrances and several years of testing, Jardins Phlox launched effective odor hunters and floor soaps inspired by traditional black soap, a liquid soap for humans (body, hair and hands) as well as several new products. And her daily challenge is to develop new ideas for natural products for the ambiance, comfort and maintenance of the home !

Because if it's ok with the cat it's ok for every one : Dogs, children and people more sensitive to household products. And let's face it,…quite candidly, she lives with her cats !…Sumatra, Stark and Lili Rosettes say hello to you !



Jean-Yves Levesque
Rasoir des Bois - Wood craftsman

Nestled in the heart of nature in the heart of the village of Grenville, Jean-Yves Lévesque not only has the trick with wood, but he has even more the trick with his wood lathe to give life to high-end, high-performance shaving instruments, and bearers of that coveted finesse that turns heads !

Its story begins with the acquisition of a few tools that a friend wanted to get rid of. Among this lot was a wood lathe, one that would satisfy the innate handyman in him and lead to creations of obvious quality and finely executed in meticulousness for maximum precision. First drawn to making pencils, he experimented with different projects over time. He thus discovered a passion for the manufacture of razors, shaving brushes and shaving brushes. Like many people, his concern for respect for the environment did not take long to emerge and he saw in this woodworking, one sustainable solution among many others in order to contribute to this great turning point in our society.

Its products are mainly made from locally acquired wood and some are made from exotic woods.



Zero Waste MVMT was founded in early 2019 by Zac and Janelle. The idea to contribute to and promote this eco-friendly movement came to fruition after travelling abroad for almost a year. Their entire perspective on waste management and pollution changed after experiencing the detrimental effects on the environment first-hand. In less developed countries, they saw exactly what was happening to waste, it often contaminated beaches, gathered in “landfills” and even burned on the side of the road since there isn’t much in place for waste management facilities. This is something that is often overlooked in western countries. Garbage is brought to the street side, it is taken away and that is the end of it. Out of sight, out of mind. But the reality of it is, all this waste IS going somewhere, it’s collecting in landfills, contaminating waterways, ending up in our oceans and much more. 

This is what sparked the idea for Zero Waste MVMT. We decided we HAD to do something positive to raise awareness and contribute to the movement. Our mission is to inspire people around us and encourage them to live a more sustainable lifestyle. We want to help by collectively reducing waste and making sustainable products accessible to everyone. Together, we can help our precious Mother Earth thrive for generations to come ! 

On top of promoting a low waste lifestyle, we are also helping to plant trees in areas of need to reverse the detrimental effects of deforestation. We plant a tree with each and every purchase :)

We stay true to our name by always shipping in zero-waste packaging. Our labels are printed on 100% recycled paper, we seal our packages with paper tape and we use post-consumer materials as often as possible !