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Luxury Wicca candles with semi-precious stones and fine golden leaves - Duration 40 hours

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Relaxation should be at the heart of everyday life at one time or another, and it's always good to fine-tune your ways of doing it. A moment of well-felt healing will do the greatest good, and this is the foundation of our Wicca collection with these coconut & soy wax based intention candles, all connected to a form of different mantras. We therefore propose four ways to let Wicca magic operate for the realms of love, serenity, protection and energy (SEE DETAILED DESCRIPTION FOR EACH INTENTION). Each candle is hand-poured with a mixture of coconut and soy wax and meticulously decorated with semi-precious stones which are associated with energies to refocus around, dried flower petals, as well as fine golden leaves. For those moments ''from me to me'' or to offer as a gift, this is the perfect idea to please and surprise.

*Wicca candles are now with crackling cherry wicks.

LOVE / Jasmine, peony & pink quartz, as a reminder of maternal sweetness, soothing your fears and apprehensions of loving. The peaceful frequency of rose quartz invites you to let yourself be lulled by its heart healing energy. The heart chakra is connected to pink quartz. It releases emotional anxieties, helps to soothe the wounds of the soul, to accept and love once again by making people aware of the love that we must have for ourselves. It soothes sorrow and sadness, and it gives self-confidence.

SERENITY / Violet, lavender & amethyst, to help soothe and reassure you, console your anxieties and anger in order to restore serenity and confidence. Dedicated to the upper third eye chakra, amethyst promotes opening of consciousness beyond human limited vision, offering a renewal of purity and spirituality.

PROTECTION / Sage, lemon & tourmaline, providing energy protection to help the mind find autonomy and strenght without being subjected to external influences whatever their forms. Tourmaline brings both feet back to earth and protects against everything and especially unnecessary and intrusive thoughts.

ENERGY / Lime, neroli, boswellia & citrine, to help ward off fatigue and help focus. Citrine brings strenght and stimulates energies. It illuminates and invigorates your energy power and highlights your personality to allow you to shine !

But still :

. Handmade
. Vegan
. 100% natural
. Palm oil free
. Phtalate free
. Sulfate free
. Paraben free
. Petroleum products free
. Biodegradable


Modern yoga is often thought of as a purely physical practice, but its roots are deeply spiritual. The word yoga means "union" and the discipline as a whole is intended to guide its participants towards a holistic state of complete health.

Yoga, like Wicca, aims to guide its practitioners to a higher state of consciousness allowing for some overlap between the two practices. Yoga and Wicca are a great complementary practice. Yogic postures help to keep the body in a state of physical health, and being in good physical health allows the practitioner of Wicca to access the physical stamina necessary to work effectively on magical levels (stone energy, balance of stones). chakras, pure aura, etc.).

The practice of yoga also strengthens the nervous system, stimulates the immune system and cleanses the aura. Regular practice can help reinforce the desired magical intention. The practice of yoga trains the mind to focus on a single point of concentration. This ability is essential for Wicca practitioners. Combined together, it becomes easier for the mind to focus on a single stream of thought, especially useful for practicing stone energy magic.

Yoga Mantra, yogic practice best suited to Wicca

The person chooses a mantra which expresses the highest aspirations. She repeats this mantra over and over again until she finds out that it begins to take hold of her and repeats itself like a tune in her head. When this happens, the person finds that the mantra repeats automatically, they know that it has entered the subconscious. As soon as this inner change begins to take hold, the person is able to magically manage their environment as they could not have done before. It is best not to choose a mantra based on a specific need, but rather a mantra that accords with the highest level of energy invoked.

For best results, burn the candle for 4 hours at a time in an area free from flammable materials and drafts. If there are any dried petals or flowers too close to the wick, move them before lighting the wick. To prevent smoke and soot from appearing, keep the wick well centered and 5-6 mm (1/4 inch) high. Keep it away from children and animals. Do not move it when it is burning or if the wax is hot. Stop using it when the candle enters its last shift. Never leave a burning candle unattended.