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Ecological laundry with enzymes and odor eliminator molecule

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Here is the ecological laundry detergent that is hard on stains with enzymes and Odor-Miaw-Nator odor eliminator molecule that we wanted to formulate so much and that we have refined so much ! From the washable diaper, to the soiled pits of learning animals, through all the household clothes, this laundry should bring the touch of performance that we all seek.

Due to its enzymes, it cleans and dislodges stubborn stains from proteins, lipids, pectin, starches, vegetable gums, etc., while protecting the colors and fibers and this, while helping to contribute, among other things, to reducing the release of plastic fibers from stretch fabrics to wastewater. It performs better in cold or warm water than in hot water.

Made of /

. Surfactants of plant origin, all biodegradable including our famous coconut sunflower
. A synergy of cleansing enzymes to target tough stains and protect fibers
. Cleansing and descaling power-enhancing agents with biodegradable mineral active ingredients such as sodium carbonate
. A phosphate-free sequestering agent that enhances the cleaning power of laundry and combats the damage caused by hard water on the washer and on fibers
. From our patented Odor-Miaw-Nator odor eliminator molecule that eliminates stubborn foul odors
. Compatible with high efficiency and standard washers
. Contributes to reducing the release of plastic into the water

Scented with our signature scent "Les Pieds dans l'eau à Paspébiac" for an olfactory experience of clean laundry spread with high winds in an orchard, on a summer day by the sea. NOTHING LESS ! It's a fragrance, fresh and clean, also carrying citrus fruits, apple blossoms and a hint of fresh and salty herbs in its wake.

But still...:

. Handmade
. Vegan
. 100% natural
. Palm oil free
. Phthalate free
. Paraben free
. Petroleum products free
. Phosphate free
. No artificial coloring
. Biodegradable

Surfactants of plant origin, including our famous coconut sunflower accompanied by a synergy of cleaning enzymes with strong stain removal power, gentle on textile fibers to target stubborn stains (protease, amylase, pectate, mannanase, lipase, cellulase), active derivatives minerals such as sodium carbonate, and sodium chloride to reinforce the cleaning and descaling power on the fibers. Natural and biodegradable sequestering agents to combat the harmful effects of hard water on the fibers but also on the washing machine. Our patented odor eliminator molecule that gets rid of stubborn foul odors, topped off with our signature fragrance Les Pieds dans l'eau à Paspébiac.

For heavily soiled laundry, we recommend that you combine the laundry with Miaw-WoW Brightening Powder (or our stain-removing soap on well-localized stains). Adding a soak cycle will promote better stain removal power. No softening agent is needed, however our dryer balls provide more economical tumble drying while increasing the softness of the fibers. Always check the special indications according to the fabrics.


Keep out of the reach of children.
Avoid contact in the eyes.
Do not ingest.
If swallowed, seek medical advice immediately.

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