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Coconut, linen & orange woodwork & natural surfaces cleaner

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This soap is made with saponified coconut oils, flaxseed oil and a degreasing agent extracted from orange peels. Linseed and coconut oil have the ability to hydrate woodwork and natural surfaces without damaging their shape, structure or coating. The orange peel has this unsuspected power of degreasing and cleaning. This product has the advantage of not being harmful to the environment, nor to humans or pets. It can be used on floors as well as surfaces, and diluted in large amounts of water to clean the floor or in a spray bottle to make a cleaner to spray on woodwork and natural surfaces. It does just as much for indoor and outdoor tasks. Types of surfaces: wood, leather, vinyl, ceramic, stone, concrete, flooring, linoleum, etc.

. Handmade
. Vegan
. 100% natural
. Palm oil free
. Phtalate free
. Paraben free

Add 2 tablespoons in 5 liters of hot water. To make an all-purpose cleaner in a spray bottle, pour in 250 ml of hot water, 1/2 teaspoon or in 500 ml, 1 teaspoon. Discard unused preparation after use.

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