Jardins Phlox

Mystery Product Sale

SKU: SQ6402938

$6.50 $9

This case is reserved for certain items which have a slight imperfection and which are available for sale at a reduced price. If you choose one of these items, it remains mysterious and will not be revealed. You will find out only at the reception. The selected product still comes in its correct packaging but has only a slight imperfection which does not affect its effectiveness. An interesting way to complete your purchases while taking advantage of advantageous sales. This box remains active at all times. First come, first served until next availability.

* if an item is for sale at a price lower than 9$ on the store, we will complete with another item with a slight imperfection.

* if you have any allergies, this box may not be appropriate for you, except to offer this product to someone who is not allergic to it.

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